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20,30 liter | Lightweight | Double WallTM technology

The KeyKeg system protects beer and extends their shelf life. The advanced design of the KeyKeg 30 L offers plenty of opportunities for breaking into new markets and serving them more efficiently.


The innovative Bag-in-Keg principle helps give your beer the very best quality and shelf life possible. This unique two-compartment system ensures that your products are never exposed to propellant gases. The patented Double Wall technology also guarantees optimum safety during transport and storage.


The KeyKeg are fully compatible with your brand strategy. The kegs can be printed all over with your own branding, and help to increase your brand awareness.

Increased sales

The KeyKeg system offers higher quality at a lower cost. The unique combination of the option of compressed air as a propellant, ease of use and convenient size offer plenty of opportunities for opening up new markets. Demand for KeyKegs is also growing fast from pub and restaurant operators.


Filling KeyKegs is extremely simple. The one-way kegs can be filled using any of the many automatic and semi-automatic filling systems made by KeyKeg-licensed manufacturers. Manual filling is also easy with the special KeyKeg filling head.


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Weight 15 kg

30l, 20l