Rice Hulls – Bioriz (200L)

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BIORIZ is a precious and useful aid for the filtration of beer wort, rennet and all food liquids in general. It is widely used in the filtration of beer wort (from the simplest forms to, and above all, the more complex ones) rich in rye or beers produced with malts which have a high percentage of grains without glumes. Since it is a very voluminous material only small amounts are required: approx 500g/1kg per 20 litres of beer. It does not alter the organ-oleptic qualities of the beer and is 100% natural, dedusted and steam sterilized at 130°C, totally organ-ic and easily disposable at the end of its cycle of use. It is available all year round in 200 l packages (approx. 20 kg)

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