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Simpsons Flaked Oats

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An unmalted adjunct ideal for big, hoppy beers.

Beer Styles: Oatmeal Stout, New England IPA
Malt Flavour: Silky, Creamy
Usage: Up to 20%

Flaked Oats contain high levels of lipids, beta glucans and gums, which impart a silky mouthfeel and creaminess to beer.

Traditionally used as an adjunct in oatmeal stouts, Flaked Oats are becoming increasingly popular in other beer styles too – particularly in New England IPAs and other big, hoppy beers for the texture and fullness of palate that they help to impart.

The more Flaked Oats in the grist, the greater the effect, but upon passing 20% of the grist, the beta glucans and gums will have a slowing effect on wort run off.


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